CHOP release on August 31st and demo update

Hello everyone !

It's official : the Early Access release of CHOP is set for August 31st !
And this great news doesn't come alone : the demo is available from now on Windows, Mac and Linux, with some major changes and improvements compared to the previous version :)

Here's a taste of the changes made :

  • New SFX
  • Remixed OST
  • French translation
  • Possibility to disable the sword aiming aid
  • Possibility to disable inter-round scores screen and display score on HUD
  • A new visual feedback on open portals so that beginners know instantly what they're meant for
  • Possibility to add invicibility frames on spawn

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Have a good one and see you for the release !

CHOP_Demo1.0.8_windows.rar 247 MB
Aug 22, 2018
CHOP_Demo1.0.8_mac.rar 251 MB
Aug 22, 2018
CHOP_Demo1.0.8_linux.tar.bz2 276 MB
Aug 22, 2018

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