CHOP – The goriest couch game to date is finally hitting Steam today !

It's D-Day, CHOP is getting released on Steam Early Access.

The release is coming with a small patch. Changelog 1.0.11 :

  • New introduction cutscene
  • [Bug fixed] Player could sometimes get stuck in the air when climbing a platform ledge
  • [Bug fixed] In Last Survivor mode, 2VS2 variant, winning a Sudden Death round as the red team was ending up in a freeze, forcing to restart the game

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See you in a bit for the next update !

Files 398 MB
Version 1.0.11 Aug 30, 2018
CHOP_Beta1.0.11_linux.tar.bz2 437 MB
Version 1.0.11 Aug 31, 2018 413 MB
Version 1.0.11 Aug 31, 2018

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