CHOP - Major update : new game mode !

Beta 1.0.19 is here, just in time for Christmas ! It brings some cool stuff, like a new game mode : Skull Hunter.

We can now officially say that all the remaining content (tournament mode, stages, grab kills...) will be added to the game by the end of next february :)

Don't hesitate to reach us at for any question or to report a bug.

Happy holidays guys !

Change log :

  • New game mode : Skull Hunter. Your goal here is to loot golden skulls on your opponents' corpses and to drop them in your portal.
  • Skull Hunter exclusive power-up : the magnetic totem
  • 3 new stages to unlock
  • All loading times are significantly shorter
  • Important code optimizations
  • Inputs icons on rebind screen for PS4 gamepad
  • [Bug Fixed] Some sounds were not paused when pressing start in game
  • [Bug Fixed] Custom setting « Start with obliterator » was only working for first spawn
  • [Bug Fixed] Player 4's special ability could be changed (i.e. possible to play Drekan with Teleport)
  • [Bug Fixed] A thrown sword could be stuck in lasers
  • [Bug Fixed] Unpluging a gamepad during a kill wasn't pausing the game
  • [Bug Fixed] Audio ducking on shields sound
  • [Bug Fixed] Power-ups illustrations not properly displayed on the settings screen
  • [Bug Fixed] Disconnecting a gamepad on victory screen was causing a softlock
  • [Bug Fixed] Pistons collisions not working properly
  • [Bug Fixed] Corner warps were not teleporting in diagonal
  • [Bug Fixed] Doing a ledge climb to the ceiling on a moving platform was reversing player's direction
  • [Bug Fixed] Teleporting when equipped with neutron capsule could make player explode
  • [Bug Fixed] Thrown swords could go through breakable or ricochet platform if thrower very close to the platform
  • [Bug Fixed] Bullets could go through some platforms if shooter very close to the platform
  • [Bug Fixed] Victory music was overlapping menu music when going back to menu
  • [Bug Fixed] In Last Survivor (2VS2), victory screen was not triggered if setting « scores on HUD » was enabled
  • [Bug Fixed] In Last Survivor : hardlock if winning team dies before the end of the sudden death
  • [Bug Fixed] On some conditions Khuno could throw 3 swords

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Version 1.0.19 Dec 22, 2018
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Version 1.0.19 Dec 22, 2018

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