A downloadable game for Windows

CHOP - A bloody, visceral local multiplayer game

TRY THE DEMO NOW ! (Gamepads and friends strongly recommended )

This demo includes :

  • 1 playable character
  • 4 different arenas
  • 1 special ability
  • 1 game mode

The final version will include :

  • 4 playable characters
  • 30 + different arenas
  • 4 special abilities
  • 3 multiplayer game modes
  • A tournament setup mode

CHOP is an arena fighting game with a twist : your goal is not to have the highest kill count but to escape the arena through a portal.

A bloodthirsty frenzy around a pizza and beer(s), what's best ?

CHOP, it's a visceral gameplay where bloody killings meet ultra fast movements. Really accessible in its gameplay, it offers a real strategic dimension associated with a deep intense gameplay that will put your skills to the test !

One hit to kill, respawn almost instantly : CHOP is meant to give a feeling close to what you can experience in fast FPS such as Quake or DOOM, mixed with platformer setting and influences from Towerfall, Nidhogg and Super Smash Bros.

Blood and guts in a torn apart world, with a comic book vibe : it speaks to those who like gore, comics, post-apo and are looking for a supercharged party game.

The game is playable up to four players. Challenge your friend one-on-one or enter the fray. You can even team up and play two-on-two, or one versus three if you have the guts for it.

Eager to get back to the golden age of local multiplayer games ? To crush your friends after practicing hard on a skill-based and competitive game ? Here you go.

That's CHOP flagship game mode. Here, your goal is not to have the highest kill count but to escape the arena through a portal.

When you slaughter an opponent, your portal opens : your goal is to escape through it. If you get killed before, it closes and you have to kill again. Once you've reached it, you have to wait a short moment to be pulled out of the arena. You can't defend yourself and can get killed during this crucial instant !

Prepare to laugh and/or insult your buddies when one of these fuckers manages to kill you and reverses the situation to his advantage, just before you would have escaped !

This is what makes battles in CHOP so intense, any action can be a game changer.

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Download demo

CHOP_Demo1.0.1.zip 306 MB

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I really loved this demo! I can see this game going places. Keep up to good work!

Is there any controls lists? I use keyboard and it's kinda confusing having to figure out how to play

On the character selection screen, after you validated the character, press "i" to see the controls list.
From there you can even reassign controls if you want ;)
But you'll see that the game is really meant to be played with controllers, you'd enjoy much more CHOP if you test it with a gamepad !

I tried to do this without my handy dandy controller and, it's near impossible. So to any thinking hey i'll skip the controller and, just tough it out with a keyboard DONT! You won't have any fun. I still did but, you won't. This game needs a controller grab some friends or, some enemies and, get to bashing till your gore hearts content!

Thank you for playing and making a video !
Indeed playing on keyboard is not the best way to enjoy the game ^^

Super fun, even with single player, though I'm sure it's even more fun with friends! I honestly had a blast and my only negative reponce is that I'm just dissapointed no other characters are in the game but that didn't stop this game from being amazing! I hope you enjoy the video! 

Thank you very much, the video is really cool !
I don't know if you noticed that we're currently running a Kickstarter campaign, it would be so cool if you could share it with your viewers and friends :)

Of course! I'll add it to the description of the video right now

Top hardcore -comic style- gory action, well done. Will support your Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you so much :)

Something i would really like to see(in terms of extra content) are extra execution death sequences (the ones that open on a separate window) which are really cool. By the way , are these random? Something else i would also like are extra(more intense and according to each character) idle and movement/fighting-animations. In order to give more uniqueness to each character. I know these might seem like details, but the overall quality of the game is quite high and i believe that small details will make the difference. Well done again.

In the final version of the game there will be 2 unique Grab Kills per character ;) 

Maybe more depending on the success of the Kickstarter campaign !

Currently they are not random : a different Grab Kill is triggered whether you are on the floor or in the air. But if we have the budget to do extra sequences they will be chosen randomly. 

We also plan on making different moves / idle animations for each character. You're right about the fact that this kind of details can make a big difference on the overall quality of the final product ;)

WOOOOOOOW. Thumbs UP !!!

Thank you ! <3

I was waiting for my co-host to play this, but I couldn't wait any longer. I really love the speed and style of all this, it's absolutely hectic! Detailed feedback at the end of the video. (xPost from gamejolt)